Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Rhino Cruiser Brace

I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while. We do have a lot going on. Kaitlyn is back to sitting on the potty. I can't tell you how nice it is to "miss" that first morning poo diaper. =) Aaah, sweet bliss. Right after she eats breakfast I put her on the potty where she takes care of her business. Now if I could just get her to do that all day long life would really be good. Yesterday I put her in some training pants to see how she would do. She vomited or spit out a lot of her apple juice wetting her clothes including her panties. Shortly after changing her and a quick bathroom stop, she wet her new panties, plus left me another surprise. *sigh* I guess I'll have to wait a little bit longer. I'm still putting her on the potty off and on all day.
My love-hate relationship with her brace has only just began. A big positive for anyone who held her in the spica cast is how she feels now. She's no longer a hard child. The brace is soft allowing you to feel how soft she is again. I believe the only people who can appreciate her new softness are those who held her, played with her, and were around her in the cast. I imagine other people would see her as being so restricted now. They should have seen her a couple weeks ago. =)

Here's the front view of Kaitlyn's Rhino Cruiser Brace. The white wrapped around her legs is foam and Velcro. She also has Velcro with a little foam going around her waist.

She can walk in the brace, but it is challenging for the time being. Here you can see the end of the Velcro from around her waist.

The blue on the back is a flexible plastic. If you look below her rump there's the ends to the Velcro that goes around her legs.

She is totally back to her old ways; into and on everything.

And in other news... Bankruptcy, bankruptcy, bankruptcy. Say it with me, "BANKRUPTCY!" Do you know anyone who has filed for bankruptcy? Maybe you yourself have done it. Contrary to what Experian Credit Bureau says I have never filed for bankruptcy. Let me say that again, I HAVE NEVER DONE IT! So picture this... You're trying to get pre-approved for a home loan when the loan agent wants a letter explaining your bankruptcy. EXCUSE ME?!!!! I sent an email back asking if that was a common request because I've never filed for bankruptcy. We went back and forth several times via email. She told me to contact Experian. I pulled up their website and learned I had several credit cards opened and some closed. I filed for bankruptcy. I had a loan through Aldine Teachers Credit Union that I didn't pay on so they put a claim in against me, I had several different names, most of which weren't me, I was born almost five years earlier, I had several mailing addresses most of which were in the two cities next to where my parents live, I had a second social security number (how does that work?), and two extra jobs I've never worked at. I was approved for a $20,000 car loan through some Honda dealership. This list just went on. It was shocking to say the least. We found out it can take a minimum of 45 days to get a fails bankruptcy removed from your record. Augh!!!! Did I mention we are trying to get pre-approved for a home loan?!!! We don't have 45 days to wait! This morning I called Experian to get the ball rolling in cleaning up the mess someone made. The lady quickly said my identity wasn't stolen my account was just merged with someone else. How in the world does that happen?!!! Thankfully she immediately started untangling mine and this other lady's credit. I'm anxious to hear how much my credit score has jumped without all her indiscretions.


Hilary said...

Man the credit thing sounds like a mess!! I hope it gets fixed and you get your loan for a new house!! How exciting!!Good luck on the potty training home front!! Kaitlyn will get me it will happenn :) have a great rext of your week too

Brianna said...

This post made me tear up!
I have been reading through all your blog about the cast and brace (My daughter is in her 2nd cast, she's 10 months old now)
I am not sure anyone can relate to having your "soft baby" back more than me. My little one gets her cast off in a months time, and I've already started counting the days.

I want to say thank you for this blog, it has definitely helped me through this process!