Monday, April 27, 2009

Half Birthday Party!

Family and friends mark your calenders for Kaitlyn's birthday party on May 23rd. It will be from 2-4 pm at my parents house.
Kaitlyn is going to be beyond thrilled when the guy shows up with her bouncy castle. I reserved it today. The last time we stopped by the place to ask about them she cried because we wouldn't let her out of the car to play on the bouncy castle. They had one set up to catch your eye, but they blocked of the entrance to keep kids out. Thankfully today she was nicer about waiting in the car. She loves Hermie (in the picture above) so we are going with a caterpillar and butterfly theme. Lord willing I can make a cake that looks something like a caterpillar. LOL... Here's to trying anyway. If you come you might be eating some strawberry crumpled cake with green icing. That is if I give up and just crumble the whole mess up. Haha...
Why a half birthday party some may ask??? Kaitlyn was born on Christmas Eve. Sure many kids have birthdays around Christmas and have to get over the fact they receive little celebration for their birthday. I don't think Kaitlyn has to be one of those kids. I want her to be able to have fun summer parties which her real birthday robs her of. Also, there may be gifts I want to buy her that are to big for just because (a playhouse maybe) or the wrong season for Christmas (a pool?). People are so stretched thin not only financially, but with other party commitments around Christmas time so putting her party in the summer takes the pressure off.
Her first birthday she spent about a week opening gifts first at her birthday party on Christmas Eve, then Christmas Eve night at Grandma's, then Christmas morning at my parents, then two days later at Neal's parents, and so on. Now how fun would it be for her to have her birthday presents separate from her Christmas ones? Oh wait most of us know what that's like. Now she will too. =)
One more thing... I know it's not really her half birthday on the 23rd of May. She will actually be two years and one day short of five months old at the party. When it's her actually half birthday we will be in the middle of our move to our next base. There's a good chance, just like her last birthday, that we will still be living in a hotel for her half birthday. So we decided once Neal gets back from his tech school we will have her party. It was supposed to be a week earlier right after Neal gets out of tech school, and to a point I wish it still was, but we had to bump it a week.
Neal's brother and sister-in-law are flying in with their boys for the weekend. It will be the first time Laura and the boys have been down. While they are here we must do two things (besides Kaitlyn's party), have a snow cone and fly a kite.
On a random kite flying trail... How long has it been since you flew a kite? Well that's to long. A few months ago I bought some cheap $1 kites and have been making excuses to fly them ever since. My friend Lisa came over last Wednesday and we flew them. A handful of people called her while she over and I heard her have to repeat to each one "I'm flying a kite". LOL... So next time someone says "go fly a kite" do it! It's relaxing if you let it be. If you're having a rough day you can take out your frustrations by trying to keep a kite in the air. It's not as easy as I thought it was when I was a little kid. Then again you don't have to run as much as my dad made us do when we were little. And while you glide your flying plastic through the air you can ask the question I think I've voiced every time I've flown one recently... "Why do people find such pleasure in doing thing?" The person with you may say "I don't know" all the while they keep flying their kites. Maybe we do it because it makes us feel like a kid again.


Hilary said...

Oh how fun!! Wish we lived closer..we would come!!! Good luck on the can do it you are so talented come on ! If you can sew like a champ surely you can make a caterpiller cake :) can't wait to see the pictures..glad all the family will be there how fun!! Luck girl and a bouncy house!!!

Wittschen's said...

I think its awesome that you do half birthdays!! I have a friend's who's birthday is on christmas and she always gets jipped. People combine her gifts as one, and she never had many people at her parties bc they were always doing family christmas stuff. I was always lucky bc I have a summer birthday. I kind f worry about Dane with that because his birthday is in january. Its jan 31st, but still feels so close to christmas...

oh and by the way I love flying kites. Kevin and I used (before the lil man) have picnics and bring kites, and frisbies.

Cathy said...

I didn't thought this half birthday party would be fun.. I would probably do this on my kid's birthday..