Monday, April 6, 2009

Cast Off ~ Coming Soon

I can't believe we are 10 days to "Cast Off!!!" Seeing how I will be going to bed soon I just changed my message on MSN from "10 days to cast off" to "9 days to cast off". NINE days!! My goodness. It's not even my cast and I'm excited. It feels like the cast has always been a part of our world. As crazy as this sounds I think Kaitlyn will miss it. If I could quickly find my camera I could show you a picture of her sleeping with her hand down the cast; this is normal.
I found it! I figure there's no time like the present to post the picture so I hunted it down. The pillow by her head... she should be laying on the other side of it. I took a shower then walked back in the room to find her laying sideways in the bed above the pillows. Crazy kid. See what I mean. Why is she on the other side? I don't know. If you look closely you will see she's sleeping on a pull out couch. Kaitlyn and I spent Saturday and Sunday night at the resort. Mom and dad were having water well issues so mom put in for the resort. When we got the call they said it was a studio condo. Studio!?! Who knew they had those? So last month we stayed in a Presidential and this month a little Studio. Oh well, it was a life saver for those of us who like to wash our hands or do anything with water for that matter.

I have to share some cuteness of Kaitlyn from tonight. I was pushing her stroller through Hobby Lobby when she started saying "Praise the Lord". LOL... People stopped what they were doing to see the small child saying praise the Lord. We left Hobby Lobby for Michael's. All through the store I could hear her saying "thank you for Mommy, thank you for Daddy, thank you for Nana..." She was praying. It was really cute. Last night we had just started eating pizza when she stopped and said, "pray!" LOL... I prayed and she immediately looked at me with a grin and said, "Mommy, kiss." As much as I didn't want pizza sauce on my cheek I turned it to her. This morning it was milk on my cheek after praying over our breakfast.


Hilary said...

I'm getting excited!!!!

MistySkye said...

That is so awsome!! I love messy kisses! I'm so excited for her, finally she will be cast free! Will she have to go through some sort of physical therapy?