Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Timely Surgery

I forgot the most important part about Kaitlyn's second surgery... Dr Brock is a Christian. Okay, I haven't come right out and asked if he's a Christian, but he scheduled her first one around his mission trip to Mexico and was talking in the hallway about the kids in the youth group. Yes, going to church doesn't make you a Christian, but by his countenance I believe he is saved. Well... After the surgery Wednesday he told us he had a dream about Kaitlyn and woke up saying he had to get her pins out. Mind you he has many patients and a family, but it was my child who was on his mind first thing in the morning. By the way, he talked like this happened on Tuesday (day before the surgery). Late Tuesday morning he got a call from a parent saying their child was stuffed up and couldn't have surgery on Wednesday. He immediately told Armonde to call us to see if we could fill the slot. He said he felt pressed to get her pins out ASAP. He told us before the surgery that if they were in to far he would have to leave them. Thank God she had just started walking and hadn't fallen on the right hip yet. When they called about the surgery they told us she wasn't supposed to be walking. Oops! If they hadn't rescheduled the surgery she would have walked on the hip for another week possibly driving the pins in to far to retrieve. She could have kept those pins in her hip for the rest of her life. Thank God Dr Brock listens to Him and removed the pins a week early.


MistySkye said...

How awsome to blessed with this doctor, I'm so glad things worked out so well. She is so beautiful, I told Mario how much I enjoyed seeing her the other day.

Becky said...

You have a sweet precious girl there...I'll be keeping her in my prayers. Did anyone send her any stickers yet? If not I would like to :)

Hilary said...

WOW...I bet you wish it would all end!!! I am so glad that Kaitlyn is ok..still praying for you guys!Have a great week :)