Monday, March 16, 2009

Birthday Party Ideas

We are planning to have Kaitlyn's 2.5 year birthday party before we rush off to our next base in May. For those who are scratching their heads about us throwing a half birthday, and don't know or forgot, Kaitlyn was born on Christmas Eve. We decided to start the tradition of a half birthday party with her second birthday. For her actual birthday we took her to BKing on base, had ice cream at Basken Robbins, let her open a couple gifts then called it a day. Mind you we were staying in a hotel at the time because we flew out two days later.

So... this May... I'm trying to decide how to do it right. What I would love to do is buy a bunch of beach balls and water activities so the kids can have a heyday outside. However, Kaitlyn will either be in a cast or brace during that time and can't get wet. Yes, I know she will be able to take a bath once she is in a brace, but she cannot run around and play like she would want to do if playing in water. So her current situation brings us all back inside. What can we do inside? Does it matter if you have a theme or not? I heard of someone doing a "ties and tutus" party and thought it sounded like fun. With that party you give the boys handmade ties and the girls tutus. My thought is... but then what? What games can they play? I don't remember us playing games at parties when I was a kid. I don't want people to be bored though. Should we go somewhere? Chucke Cheese? Petting zoo? I've thought about doing a "baby" party where all the girls bring their favorite baby doll. I could make doll clothes so each girl could dress up their baby for the party. Where does that leave the boys though??? Do you just say forget the kids and have food, cake, and fellowship? That's what we did as kids.

Anyone have ideas? I'm open. Currently Kaitlyn loves Hermie. He's a caterpillar who doesn't like being "just Hermie". God keeps telling him He isn't finished with him yet. Kaitlyn watches the DVD at least three times a day. However we did lady bugs for her first birthday. Since being in the US she has been watching Sprouts (preschool channel, for all not in the know) and has fallen in love with Elmo and Barney. So do we do an Elmo/Barney party? Really people I need some thoughts here. I feel like the kids in attendance need to have fun, but it's Kaitlyn's party and it wouldn't be fair to her to have the party somewhere (or doing something) she couldn't participate in.

One thought I had was doing like some parents we saw at The Woodlands mall. They had a party at Build-A-Bear for all the kids while a couple adults went to the food court and decorated tables. The kids had cake and goodie bags waiting for them there. One party didn't do any decor; it looked like adults met up with them at the food court. All the kids from the party went on the carousel.


Ashley said...

Jennifer - Hey, I'm so glad you stopped on over. It's good to see a familiar name/face from FC. And look at you!! You are little miss seamstress!! You don't need any tips from me. Good for you! I love it. Making new things is such a thrilling thing.....I can't explain it, but I'm sure you get what I'm saying.

You mentioned in the convo at FC that Kaitlyn is on her second cast. I remember when she was put into her first and I saw pics and remember feeling that that would be so hard. poor thing. But again?!?!?! How is that going? Hope things resolve quickly.

Anyway, just had to stop on over here to leave you a quick message. Have a great week!

I have email too if you ever want to chat!

Wittschen's said...

Oh Hi! I'm so happy that you wrote me! I was going to write you once we got back from our trip. God def works in wonderful ways. When I found out about Dane's condition Friday I was an emotional wreck, and just so upset with the news. I got home and just started searching everything I could think of that had anything to do with this disorder. And I accidently (well it wasn't an accident I guess) found your blog. I started reading it and then saw that your daughter's orthopedic is Dr Brock, which by the way is who we saw on Friday as well! Very ironic. I told my husband that I found a blog of a little girl in this area who used Dr Brock, and now my whole family has been stalking your blog Sorry! :) But, your blog has really calmed me down a bit, and made me see that others have gone through this and that its going to be ok. Its easy to lose sight of all this when your world turns upside down in a blink of an eye.

We took Dane in just because he was limping, I thought it was going to be something totally minor maybe just an alignment issue, and got told this. so it was quite a shock to say the least. I would love to talk more with you and find out how yall handled everything, all the good and bad about the cast and having it on and so on. Kaitleen was much older than Dane will be when she had her surgery, so did she understand what was going on? I'm so afraid that Dane is just going to be shocked day he is walking the next he cant move. He has no idea what is coming.

Thanks again for writing me! It means so have no idea!!
Jayne Wittschen

p.s. hopefully you dont have 2 messages...I wrote one and then went back to see if I had left my email and the message was not there, so I'm writing again

Anonymous said...

hi Jennifer....

Its always nice to catch up with your life on these posts. By the way..I need birthday ideas for you. Once week will be here before you know it.

Also what are your thoughts on Kaitlyn's birthday. Brenan and I have been looking into flights and just curious if May was still it or are you holding off til June. We can probably make it over memorial day, but June is tough for us...we would then not be able to visit til this fall. Let us know. Thanks Laura