Thursday, January 8, 2009

I'm Here! I'm Here!

Some of you may be wondering what happened to me. Well I took a transatlantic flight with a toddler with a total travel/waiting time of 22 hours. Yikes!!! It was a long day. Kaitlyn only slept a couple hours on the first flight (10 hours) and it had to be in my arms. I tried to lay her down twice so I could go to the bathroom and she cried; both times I threw her over my shoulder and took a sleeping child to the bathroom with me. Hehehe...

I ended up not having to take the dogs with me. It was below 45 the morning I flew out so the dogs followed me a couple days later as cargo. I was dreading changing planes, going through customs, rechecking my bags (and dogs), and getting to my next terminal/gate. I tipped porters throughout my airport traveling to get my things where they needed to go. You wouldn't believe how smooth they made it for me. I highly suggest paying someone as you go. It was well worth the tip money. Neal flew in four days after me; arriving the same day as the dogs.

Neal's parents arrived on New Year's Eve; the day after him. They left out the day after he flew to Georgia for his tech school.

Neal started his long time away from Kaitlyn and I Sunday. He will be in Georgia till mid May. He will fly back to Texas in May for five days before we head off to Guam.

And an update on Kaitlyn... We had our insurance switched over to the local region on Tuesday, saw a pediatrician Wednesday for a new referral, and will see a orthopedic surgeon this coming Tuesday. The lady doing the referral really worked with us until she found an early opening. Now let's pray the guy is a good doctor.

My parents have crazy slow dial-up internet, hence the reason I have posted since arriving. A guy should be coming either tomorrow or early next week to hook up their broadband. It will be nice having high speed back. =)


Hilary said...

I was wondering about you but figured you were getting settled in..glad you got her safe and in one piece!! Sounds like an interesting journey for sure :) Welcome back to the states and to the Lone star state :) have a great weekend too...Hopefully it won't take kaitlyn long to get back into the swing of things well heck you guys too. I will definately keep her and her doctor in my prayers too. Have a great weekend :)

MistySkye said...

Hey, I'm so glad your back! I definately would love to hang out with you and let the kids play.