Monday, December 22, 2008


We are out of our rental house. It's good to be done with it. Although I may come up cheap, next time I think I will pay someone a couple hundred dollars to clean the house for me. It would take a load off to knowing once I pack my bags I'm done; the rest would be up to the movers and cleaner. Instead we begged the movers to keep our vacuum until the very end. They were very accomidating. They packed and we cleaned.

Kaitlyn really got into the packing. She thought hiding in the luggage was the best. She cried when we made her get out.

The hotel they put us in is SMALL. I was expecting the two bedroom suites they put family into, but having pets mean we got the shaft.

Here's the tiny bathroom with the little shower.

This is the kitchen with the tiny bar/table. Can you say "family friendly"? Kaitlyn has fallen off those bar stools three times already.

Here's the living room. The TV is on a dresser.

We had to ask for a Kaitlyn friendly bed so the pack-in-play is it. Notice the passing room between the pack-in-play and the bar. I have since moved the dresser over enough and turned the pack-in-play.

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