Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Eve Babies and Hospital Stays

Because we spent Christmas in the hospital and it felt nothing like Christmas we have talked about doing something every year for the women in the hospital here. Last year we were gone over Christmas, but really debated leaving something in the maternity ward for all the new Christmas and Christmas Eve mommies. We ended up scrapping the idea. I think next year I will plan a bit more in advance on what to do.

Well we were local this year so we bought Christmas cards and simple ornaments to give away. After writing in the card our congratulations on their new bundle, a short story about our stay over Christmas two years ago, we wished them a merry Christmas from our family. I wrapped ribbon around the card with the flat star ornament on top. I curried the ends to make it look like a fun little package. Last night just minutes past the actual time of Kaitlyn's birth I walked into the maternity ward and gave the little gifts to one of the nurses. I explained how we were there over Christmas and it just didn't feel like Christmas. I know we got Kaitlyn and all, but it wasn't the same. Anyway, they said they had two new mommies and two mommies to be currently on the ward. So today at least those four women were given our Christmas gift. I hope next year they choose to give something to the women who will be spending their Christmas in the maternity ward at RAF Lakenheath.

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