Sunday, October 12, 2008

Hang On

Ups, downs, twists, turns, life is a regular roller coaster. Watch out for the loops! They can really trip you up.

On a totally superficial note we bought Neal an Alexandre of London suit today. It's black with thin dark blue pin stripes. Also we have decided to sell or give away all our strollers and go with a smaller more compact one. We went to Babies R' Us and bought the
Maclaren Quest Mod Sport.

The stroller was shockingly high, but I'm hoping if we sell our other baby items like the cradle, swing, and so forth that it will cover most of the cost. One of the best features (besides that it can collapse really small) is that it doesn't squeak! Oh... it beats our cheap umbrella stroller because I don't have to bend over to push it.

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