Sunday, September 7, 2008


I woke up this morning to the smell of poop. Great. I went into Kaitlyn's room and asked her if she pooped. She hadn't. The house really stunk so I knew I was in for a nasty job, I just didn't know how nasty. I walked down stairs to find poo blown all over (in and out) the dogs pen. Both the dogs were having to sit in the middle of the nastiness. It was just gross. After taking the dogs out I knew for sure who the culprit was. Because Sadie is on a special prescription diet our dogs eat different foods. In the middle of the poop splashed pen was vomit. Kensey was really sick. Last week when we went to Germany our dogs were kenneled. The lady said on Monday she noticed blood in Kensey's stool so she took him to the vet. We have been giving him some kind of cream in a big syringe three times a day. The drug ran out yesterday or the day before. When we picked Kensey up the lady said he had intestinal problems. Well they are apparently worse. Neal tackled cleaning the pen while I washed the bedding, cleaned a toy of Kaitlyn's that was just in the wrong place at the wrong time, and bathed the dogs. While bathing Kensey he kept trying to melt over. I called Neal in and said start with the guy who saw him last week and see if we can get him in today to be seen. Now $400 later we have a pile of meds, some dog food, and one drugged up dog quarantined in our kitchen. The vomiting has stopped, but that's only because he was given a shot to stop it. He is still pooping blood, but not like before; it's darker and not looking like a dripping cut. We were still not told what the problem is. I'm going to call our vet on Monday and see if they will look over everything we have been given. I think I will set up an appointment for the following week to have him seen too.

Needless to say we missed church today. About the time Neal made it home from the vet our church services would have been 3/4 over. Of course all our fun didn't stop there. I had to clean the kitchen floor while he was gone; poo and vomit everywhere just in the 15 or so minutes from his bath to leaving for the vet. The floor was still wet when he returned so I was holding Kensey wrapped in a towel while Neal ran for a spar kennel we keep in the garage. Kensey went poo (blood) on the carpet while we waited. =( I swear it seemed our morning would never end. We only ate breakfast because after all the cleaning the dogs were still outside. Thankfully Kensey is sleeping or seems to be right now.

Grrr... Kaitlyn's not sleeping. I need to go get her out of bed.

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