Saturday, August 23, 2008

No Pictures

Well, grrr... I forgot to take a picture of the baby. In the end I didn't wrap him. I wasn't really sure if I should or how to do it. I finally opted to carry him in the building like a baby. Few people had arrived yet so I handed him to "Nana" for practice. She works with Neal by the way which is how we know her daughter. I had wrapped up the the other two items. Did any of you know Hallmark makes adhesive wrapping paper??? I didn't! I bought it by mistake. I'm not crazy about the stuff. They send it with some sticky tabs (tape) which didn't stick well. Before leaving the house I pulled out some regular tape and re-secured one of the ends. It was interesting paper. I felt I should be putting it in my cabinets and not on a present though. I had to laugh when they kept setting the baby up with the smaller present in his lap. He looked older then his 0-3 month outfit. I did take the longer drive this morning to the other base and bought a blanket to wrap him up in. I'm glad I did. With all the moving around he did without being swaddled he may have grown longer legs (diapers moving down the leg to much).

I'm sooooo glad I gave up my pipe dream of making a small diaper cake. I started forming two layers and learned I needed more diapers. I began to plan what other items I would need to "decorate" the cake like toys, paci's and so forth. Well... a lady walked in with a really big nice diaper cake. Now that I say that the girl received a lot of nice things. Stateside it is common to go to a baby shower where you get a ton of big, small, needed, and nice items, but overseas that just doesn't happen. Someone may buy you an outfit or a couple other random items, but she was given a big gift basket full of hand picked baby items, several bags full of 4+ baby outfits with socks, hats, and diapers. I was amazed how much people really wanted to bless her. The 19 year old girl graduated from high school a year ago. Getting pregnant was a big oops that she has decided to see to completion. When I first learned she was pregnant I wasn't sure what she would do; abortion, adoption, keep it. I asked Neal if she was going to keep the baby. Her mom stepped up and said I will financially take care of you and the baby while you continue to get your education. Fast forward to today where her family (mom and sis) are fully behind her and highly anticipating this little guys arrival. The father situation is a bit confusing to me. He doesn't want anything to do with the mom, but then I hear he is in the name planning and now the baby might have his last name. I keep telling the girl if he wants nothing to do with the baby not to tag it with his name. I'm hoping she pursues child support if for nothing else to have current info on the father so if the baby wants to meet him one day he can. On a random note, I knew he was a black guy, but I didn't know he was so dark. My goodness the baby could come out any color. Mind you I'm not trying to be racist. I've just been picturing this tan baby with kinky hair since she got pregnant. Her "tan" baby may just be almost black as night.

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