Friday, December 21, 2007

Home for the holidays

We are half way done with the first leg of our Christmas marathon, 10 hours of flying down 16 to go. The flight from London was as good as could be expected, the airline put us in a bassinet row, this meant that we had more leg room and a small hanging bassinet to put Kaitlyn in if she would ever fall asleep. In the first half of the flight she did sleep in it for maybe an hour and then another 1/2 hour on Neal's chest, that would be the last we would see Kaitlyn's eyes closed. The rest of the trip was a constant balancing act between food, toys, crawling, holding and attempting to walk. It was up to us to determine what Kaitlyn wanted next, if we got it wrong we had just a few seconds to try and figure it out.

Once we arrived at at the parents house Kaitlyn was all smiles. This was a pleasent change from last trip where it took her days to get used to everyone. Kaitlyn stayed up very late the first night, and then was up at 2:30am. By about day 4 she was adjusted into her normal routine of naps and that meant a more normal bedtime and morning.

Will write more later, we are having a good time in the US going to all the stores and restraunts.

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Anonymous said...

What a Pretty-Little-Peach-Pie your Kaitlyn is! Merry Christmas and God's blessing on you and your family. I hope you have a great time with your parents.

I love the picture of Kaitlyn in the dog kennel/Dec. 3 post! Ha! So smart!

Christina in Palm Springs, CA