Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Kids Like Being Late

While fighting to get out the door today I had this thought, "Why didn't someone tell me kids do everything they can to inhibit you from leaving when you should?" Why?! It's almost like she knows I'm trying to leave and a good poop will set us back enough that we will be late. If the diaper change is going to fast she will break out into head spins while I hold her ankles. If I'm putting a sock on one foot she pulls it off the other. Just when I had her completely ready to go (minus shoes) I run upstairs for a blanket just in case it is cold outside. I come down to find her grinning at me with her hair bow in her mouth and her hair standing straight up. By this point we are 15 minutes late in leaving so I didn't have time to re-fix her hair. I throw the bow in her bag, put her under my arm and decided to leave everything else behind until I get her in the car. It was then that it hit me... no one said leaving the house would take this much work. I'm not having to pack a big diaper bag. I'm not going to be gone long. I just need my child dressed, as well as myself, and on base in 10 minutes. I thought strapping her into the car seat and giving her a bottle was the perfect idea while I ran back for her bag, my purse and Neal's shoes. When I made it back out to the car her bottle was gone. I said, "Kaitlyn, where is your bottle." She just looked at me to see if this would be one more thing to keep us home longer. Maybe she likes to see the vain on the side of my head bulge. I quickly locate the bottle on the other side of the car and give it back to her. We somehow made it just in time for the Thanksgiving meal hosted at the fire department every year for the Civil Engineer Squadron.

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Laura Clark said...

I so agree with you on the mind set of kids...they ALWAY know when mom and dad are running late and find some way to keep us home a few minutes longer and make us extra late....I have 3 kids when it comes to being late.