Thursday, November 29, 2007

Happy Early Birthday

Kaitlyn's first birthday came early yesterday when we gave her her Little People doll house and car. The picture if of her playing with them this morning in her pjs. For the sake of room I had put the toys on layaway and thought I would return the car when I went to pick them up. I think the car might just be her favorite right now. Of course it helps there are batteries in it (the house needs some) and she is able to have it make noises.

Some messes we ask for ourselves. I really don't like letting Kaitlyn feed herself, but I know she will need a bath afterwards. However I can't feed her until she gets married so I must let her learn. Just like Thanksgiving I put the food on her highchair tray and let her go at it. She finished off or wore (noodles in lap) all her spaghetti.

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